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Megan and Noah and Jared

From Jared McAllister: Welcome to ColonCleansers.net!

We are Jared and Megan McAllister, and we’re what you might call detox enthusiasts. We started this website in order to provide the latest in-depth and relevant information on digestive detoxification options and colon cleansing products, including the many benefits that we believe cleansing can provide.

I first decided to try colon cleansing after the chronic negative symptoms I was experiencing wouldn’t go away despite the numerous health changes I made. I drank eight 16 oz. glasses of water a day. I switched to a vegetarian diet. I was very active. And still my stomach was always tight, bloated, distended and gassy. I had IBS with constipation and diarrhea, fatigue, back pain and headaches.

Then I started a colon cleansing routine and experimented with many different supplements over the course of a year. And then – eureka!

I felt wonderful, so light and free! Amazingly, I started to poop again daily on a regular basis. I remember thinking how there was nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of having a complete bowel movement. I had energy to burn and my back pain and headaches vanished. My stomach was flatter, and I lost 10 pounds. It turns out I wasn’t really overweight – it was the poop trapped in my colon!

Like many of you, Megan and I were both overwhelmed by all of the sometimes conflicting information out there about bowel detox, and we’ve now spent years gathering, compiling, and interpreting information on the physiological functions of the colon, along with all the important facts related to various cleansing techniques and products available on the market today.

Many studies have shown that cleansing and detoxification of the body has several advantages, like aiding in weight loss, for example. With literally dozens of different colon cleansing products currently available (all claiming to provide favorable health benefits!) it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to simply make an informed decision when looking for the best, most effective cleansing methods and products. I know this from experience!

We decided to help others by reviewing the quality of various colon cleansing products in terms of formulation and the presence or absence of active ingredients, analyzing their overall effectiveness and efficiency in producing beneficial results, compiling various feedback and testimonials from users of many of these products, and assessing their compliance with legal and statutory requirements (like adherence to the US Food and Drug Administration norms and guidelines).

I know it may seem kind of a strange subject for a couple to spend so much free time on together, but our goal is for this site to serve as a complete health information guide, where you can find practical information about the use of colon cleansing techniques, products, diets, and more. It is our sincerest hope that you find the site has been helpful in some small (but useful) way.

Good luck, and happy cleansing!

Jared and Megan McAllister

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