Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

Last Updated: October 1, 2023

Everyone wants to live a long, healthy, quality and fulfilling life. After all, who wouldn’t? As a matter of fact, the majority of human activities are geared towards the fulfillment of these goals.

Health has often been referred to as a form of wealth, and this analogy makes perfect sense, seeing as when you’re sick you can’t even think of doing other things until you get well again. With this in mind, for you to be able to pursue your life goals a healthy existence is vital.

The Need For Cleansing

There are several ways of staying healthy, but the two most important are eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly.

We Americans particularly have a knack for eating the wrong foods. Oftentimes instead of eating a varied and balanced diet that contains the necessary nutrients for our day-to-day activities, a large number of us depend on junk and unhealthy processed food.

These foods don’t contain the required materials for the proper functioning of our bodies and often result in problems for our digestive systems. Furthermore, they often contain chemicals that are toxic to the body. All of which inevitably leads to poor health.

Thanks to the colon, a lot of the waste products of digestion are effectively cleared out of our bodies. However, the colon can only do so much in the face of constant bombardment with unhealthy foods and toxins.

This is where the importance of colon cleansing comes in, from the consequences of the constant digestion of these harmful “foods” coupled with the insufficient removal of toxins. The end result is a condition known as autointoxication, which is the poisoning of the body by its own waste products due to improper digestion and waste removal.

Potential Dangers of Colon Cleansing

Quite frankly the dangers of colon cleansing are for the most part quite small, but the few that do exist are preventable and should be understood. The most obvious danger is simply overdoing the amount of cleansing.

However, the good news is that it will take plenty of overuse before colon cleansing becomes dangerous to the health.

Loss of Nutrients

Performing colon cleansing too often will result in a loss of nutrients for the body because a thorough colon cleansing will, besides removing waste matter from the body, also remove essential nutrients. The best way to avoid such dangers is by performing the colon cleansing procedure as sparingly as possible.

Coupled with sparing use, it is also important to learn to eat healthy foods and drink only fruit/vegetable juices and water during and around the colon cleansing period. These actions will give the body more time in which to rebuild its supply of lost nutrients.

Wrong Methods

A key danger of colon cleansing is that people tend to undertake a colon cleanse without being properly informed. As a result, a person can easily use wrong and potentially unsafe methods.

Another common danger, associated with colonic hydrotherapy, is that the procedure may be performed with equipment that has not been properly sterilized. This can lead to infection and other issues.

Potential for Bodily Harm

In addition, if the hydrotherapy also washes out the body’s good bacteria and nutrients from the intestines it may cause stomach cramps and vomiting. Furthermore, there is also a risk that hydrotherapy can lead to the permanent weakening of the colon.

Hydrotherapy can also cause the body to absorb too much water which can enter the lungs and can potentially lead to heart failure. To prevent such dangers, consult a qualified hydrotherapist who can recommend how much water is safe to consume during the colonic hydrotherapy.

Laxative Dependence

People that make use of laxatives to cleanse out the colon can, over a period of time, become totally dependent on the laxatives. This can lead to impaired colonic functioning. Using herbal colonic supplements like Digestive Science and Colon Detox Plus are safe because these products are non-habit forming.

Preventive Measures

While colon cleansing techniques are generally safe and effective when used properly, there are some things you can do to ensure that you cleanse in a way that is healthy and virtually risk-free.

Don’t Go Overboard

While it’s OK to frequently administer  enemas and hydro colonic therapy sessions as part of a short-term intensive cleansing program, consistent long-term use of these treatments, as we have seen, can result in any number of harmful repercussions. If you normally experience constipation that’s only relieved by an enema, laxative, or stimulant, you should talk to your doctor.

Long-term constipation can be caused by lifestyle habits such as inadequate exercise, poor diet, or not drinking enough water. But constipation can also be a sign of more serious conditions, including neurological problems or colon cancer. That’s why it’s important to consult with your health care provider if you’ve recently become dependent on enemas for bowel movements.

Professional Services

Visiting a reputable and trusted clinic for getting a colonic hydrotherapy treatment is the best way to prevent colon cleansing dangers. This is because such clinics use only sterile equipment and the hydrotherapist in charge will also be more capable and competent of performing the hydrotherapy effectively and safely.

Going to a cheap practitioner whose rates are low can potentially expose you to the dangers of unprofessional practices and unhygienic conditions.

Herbal Supplements

Most available colon cleansing supplements will not have been approved by the FDA and so their use can endanger a person’s health. To minimize such dangers, we highly recommend that you only perform cleansing with colon cleansing supplements that have been reviewed or regulated.

Please see our recommendations of the best colon cleanse supplements.

The dangers of colon cleansing are relatively few and minor but they do exist. Preventing such dangers is more than possible but it requires that you be properly informed.

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